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Charlie Sheen Betting Odds are Hot Props

Charlie Sheen just won’t stay out of the news. Even after he seemingly exhausted all avenues of public attention, even after the insane rants on top talk shows like Piers Morgan Tonight and The Today Show, even after finally and mercifully getting axed from Two and a Half Men, Sheen is still making headlines.

As anyone with a TV – and any of the more than 2 million people following his X-rated exploits on his Twitter feed – already know, Sheen is a tad reckless.

There are the drug and alcohol addictions, the lawsuits, the goddesses and much, much more. But one habit of Sheen’s that’s been more or less glossed over has been his confession to being addicted to gambling, namely sports betting.

Sheen’s penchant for sports betting became public in 2006 when second wife Denise Richards said in divorce papers he was spending upwards of about $200,000 a week on gambling, mostly on sports.

One story was that on the way to the hospital for the birth of their daughter, Lola, in 2005, Sheen reportedly called his bookie and placed a bet on a game. And like any good sports bettor, he had to follow the results – even as Richards was headed in for  a C-section before giving birth.

And there were other sports-betting incidents, like making sports bets using online sportsbooks while the couple went away for romantic weekends.

But for all Sheen’s crazy statements over the past few weeks, he actually confessed that his gambling days are behind him recently.

Of course, that doesn’t stop people from betting on Sheen, as a number of sportsbooks have posted prop bet odds on his future.

So if you want a break from March Madness, here are some Charlie Sheen Prop Bets: He’ll become a talk show host: 6-1; He’ll start a prostitute halfway house: 6-1; He’ll shave his head: 6-1; He’ll get arrested again: 2-1; and he’ll star on another sitcom: 2-3.

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