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Average Joe is pissed off with NFL lockout

The NFL lockout is only three days old and it’s already pissing a lot of people off.And that’s completely understandable when you consider the unemployment rate in this country is hovering around 10 per cent, and in some states it’s well into double digits.And while the Average Joe is hitting the pavement and/or the keyboard looking for a job or, for those with a job, sweating it out 40 or 50 hours every week just to make ends meet, the NFL owners and players are in a dispute over how to split more than $9 billion in revenue.Make no mistake, many of theNFL players are greedy people, but the owners are greedier.The billionaires who own NFL teams are completely out of touch with reality, which includes the Average Joe. Players are far more likely to be able to relate to average people. In other words, to the fans.TV contracts are worth $3.085 billion annually, with each team making an average of $96 million every year before selling a ticket or a T-shirt. Half the teams in the National Football League are worth more than $1 billion, and the cheapest team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, would cost you $725 million.

Some of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s recent comments haven’t exactly induced sympathy for the owners, like saying owners needed more money for “the many costs of financing, building, maintaining and operating stadiums.”Why do billionaires, like Jerry Jones , need help building and running anything?Here’s another reason the owners don’t need anyone to feel sorry for them. The average NFL playing career is three years, and many players face serious medical issues in retirement. The average NFL owner’s average length of ownership is 18.3 years.And if the lockout drags out, it’s going to affect a lot more than just the Average Joes who are football fans. According to figures supplied by the NFL Players Association, the average NFL city will lose $160 million and about 3,000 jobs if there is no season in 2011-12.

Tell Me what you think, am I wrong?

Scott Matthews


  1. April 3, 2011 at 3:55 am

    All great points. I think one thing that the mainstream media hasn’t picked up on much yet is that while NFL owners are saying that they need more money to support their financing of stadiums, people forget that taxpayers have paid for about 1/2 of the building costs for those stadiums. Why’d they do that? Because NFL teams threatened to leave cities where taxpayers didn’t contribute exorbitant funds, and small businesses were promised more revenues. Taxpayers have every right to be upset. A little more information here… http://sayswho.org/article/Article.aspx?BID=107.

    • April 5, 2011 at 8:28 pm

      I agree with the article. I think the owners do not care much about how the taxes payers feel. They already got there money for the new stadiums. We are looking to forward to a big football season

      Scott Matthews
      CEO SMPicks.com

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