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You want real March Madness? Go to Las Vegas

There is no place more mad during March Madness than Las Vegas . And when I say mad, I mean crazy busy. Folks there definitely aren’t mad, as in angry, because they’re raking it in as fast as the visitors can fork it over.This is the first week of March Madness – the NCAA Tournament , the Big Dance – and that means sportsbooks will be getting their largest crowds of the year.

That’s right, bigger than the Super Bowl.It is not uncommon to spend 20 minutes standing in a line to place a bet. Actually, come to think of it, the only people in Vegas who might actually get mad this week are the sportsbook tellers, who will have to punch more tickets this week than any other all year.“The tellers don’t look up from their windows for three-and-a-half days,” said Las Vegas Hilton Superbook director Jay Kornegay. “It’s amazing how much work they put in.”

March Madness in Las Vegas truly is like the sports betting version of Mardi Gras. Everywhere, people are partying and talking about the tournament, and many are betting on basketball.The hotels, casinos, sportsbooks and restaurants began preparing for this weeks ago.For Kornegay, it’s just about the only time during the year when he has to work closely with every department at the resort. The Hilton even opens up remote-betting terminals in the hotel’s theater so that customers and bettors  can wager while they watch the games on three cinema-sized screens.“We’ve prepped everyone for what to expect,” Kornegay said. “Some of it is through memo form, some through meetings and some through conversations. The main thing is we really have to go over it with the people who haven’t gone through it before.”Las Vegas has even had its share of live March Madness, with three conference tournaments taking place in Sin City last week.

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