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Charlie Sheen and his Torpedo of Truth hit New York City

Charlie Sheen ’s “Torpedo of Truth” tour moved into the Big Apple Thursday and after reports over the past week that none of New York City’s better hotels would accommodate him, Sheen has booked a luxury room – actually several of them – at the Trump International Hotel .And hotel namesake Donald Trump would undoubtedly be proud that Sheen’s room includes a bed that sleeps three.Several top NYC hotels were said to have banned the self-proclaimed Warlock and “Condor of Calabasas” after an infamous incident last year in which he trashed his room at the famous Plaza Hotel while – what else – partying with a porn star. Sheen has booked 12 rooms at the Trump International while he plays three nights at Radio City Music Hall as part of his 20-city “Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option” tour. The first show at the venerable 6,000-seat hall sold out in 30 minutes.

Obviously, Sheen is not suffering for funds despite getting the boot from his Two and a Half Men sitcom. One night at the five-star hotel can cost around $850, and a room service breakfast for three from the hotel’s celebrated Jean Georges restaurant can run more than $120.Sheen is traveling with his two “goddesses,” former porn star Rachel Oberlin and Natalie Kenly, and an entourage of 15 people.After scathing reviews from the tour’s opener in Detroit, in which he basically just showed film and TV clips of himself Read More

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