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Bet on the Royal Wedding. It’s true People will bet on anything

Love it or hate it, the first Royal Wedding in 30 years is approaching and if you’re on the “hate” side of the ledger, you better not turn on a computer or TV in the next two weeks or so, because the coverage is going to be everywhere. If you Googled “Royal Wedding” when the engagement was first announced in November, you’d get about 2 million results. With the April 29 wedding date fast approaching, you would now find just under 37 million hits for the same search. Hell, you can even get a Royal Wedding app that enables wireless contraption users around the world to take a virtual walk up the aisle of Westminster Abbey, where Prince William and Kate Middleton will tie the knot. Read More

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Charlie Sheen and his Torpedo of Truth hit New York City

Charlie Sheen ’s “Torpedo of Truth” tour moved into the Big Apple Thursday and after reports over the past week that none of New York City’s better hotels would accommodate him, Sheen has booked a luxury room – actually several of them – at the Trump International Hotel .And hotel namesake Donald Trump would undoubtedly be proud that Sheen’s room includes a bed that sleeps three.Several top NYC hotels were said to have banned the self-proclaimed Warlock and “Condor of Calabasas” after an infamous incident last year in which he trashed his room at the famous Plaza Hotel while – what else – partying with a porn star. Sheen has booked 12 rooms at the Trump International while he plays three nights at Radio City Music Hall as part of his 20-city “Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option” tour. The first show at the venerable 6,000-seat hall sold out in 30 minutes.

Obviously, Sheen is not suffering for funds despite getting the boot from his Two and a Half Men sitcom. One night at the five-star hotel can cost around $850, and a room service breakfast for three from the hotel’s celebrated Jean Georges restaurant can run more than $120.Sheen is traveling with his two “goddesses,” former porn star Rachel Oberlin and Natalie Kenly, and an entourage of 15 people.After scathing reviews from the tour’s opener in Detroit, in which he basically just showed film and TV clips of himself Read More

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Lot’s of News Today From the NFL, and NCAA March Madness. Maybe even a touch of Charlie Sheen Stay tuned.

Busy Monday morning here at SmPicks, With the NCAA March Madness announcing the brackets yesterday, the NFL Lockout, Even alittle bit about everyones favorite Nut Case Charlie Sheen. Let’s kick this day off right now.

March Madness or as We like to call it Matthews Madness – officially known as the Men’s College Basketball Tournament, or just the NCAA Tournament , or better, The Big Dance – officially kicks off with Selection Sunday , when the brackets are filled and the College Basketball Betting can begin. And Basketball Betting fans will have no shortage of TV coverage as the 2011 NCAA Tournament marks the first year of a new 14-year agreement between CBS and the NCCA in which CBS will team up with Turner Sports and its top stations – TNT, TBS and truTV – to provide wall-to-wall coverage of every game. Read more

If you want to check out the Brackets we have added them to the site Click Here to see them

Over to The NFL and the Lockout. It looks like this is going to get Nasty. During a lockout, the NFL prohibits discussion about current players and pending free agents between agents and teams. FOX Sports reports that the league has “warned coaches and team officials” not to engage in any such conversations while the lockout is in place. Read More Guys sit down and talk this out this is not a good time for a strike maybe you can hire Kate Reed from Fairly Legal on USA to help you out

Finally a shout out to Charlie Sheen. Charlie keep up what your doing and If you change your mind and want to start betting on sports again I would love to point you in the right direction and get you on the winning team here at

Thanks everyone for reading and have a great Day

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Charlie Sheen Betting Odds are Hot Props

Charlie Sheen just won’t stay out of the news. Even after he seemingly exhausted all avenues of public attention, even after the insane rants on top talk shows like Piers Morgan Tonight and The Today Show, even after finally and mercifully getting axed from Two and a Half Men, Sheen is still making headlines.

As anyone with a TV – and any of the more than 2 million people following his X-rated exploits on his Twitter feed – already know, Sheen is a tad reckless.

There are the drug and alcohol addictions, the lawsuits, the goddesses and much, much more. But one habit of Sheen’s that’s been more or less glossed over has been his confession to being addicted to gambling, namely sports betting.

Sheen’s penchant for sports betting became public in 2006 when second wife Denise Richards said in divorce papers he was spending upwards of about $200,000 a week on gambling, mostly on sports.

One story was that on the way to the hospital for the birth of their daughter, Lola, in 2005, Sheen reportedly called his bookie and placed a bet on a game. And like any good sports bettor, he had to follow the results – even as Richards was headed in for  a C-section before giving birth.

And there were other sports-betting incidents, like making sports bets using online sportsbooks while the couple went away for romantic weekends.

But for all Sheen’s crazy statements over the past few weeks, he actually confessed that his gambling days are behind him recently.

Of course, that doesn’t stop people from betting on Sheen, as a number of sportsbooks have posted prop bet odds on his future.

So if you want a break from March Madness, here are some Charlie Sheen Prop Bets: He’ll become a talk show host: 6-1; He’ll start a prostitute halfway house: 6-1; He’ll shave his head: 6-1; He’ll get arrested again: 2-1; and he’ll star on another sitcom: 2-3.

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Here’s a surprise Athletes, celebrities love to gamble

It’s often said that any of the pro sports leagues would welcome a franchise in Las Vegas because athletes love the place, largely because they love gambling.Look no further than a guy named Charlie Sheen , who is said to have spent hundreds of thousands on sports betting over the past few decades.And just last weekend, NFL Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith could be found at Caesars Palace, front and center at the annual NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship.Smith said he’s pretty new to the game, but it’s getting a grip on him. “I took a crash course from someone famous, but I’m not going to tell you who,” said Smith. He added that he and his Dallas Cowboys teammates would regularly play cards on flights, but not poker.

Smith was up against pro poker player David Williams, who finished second in the 2004 World Series of Poker. Smith said he had no problem getting a read on Williams. “You know how us football players do,” he said. “We study our opponents.”Also on hand for the event in Las Vegas was “ Seinfeld ” star Jason Alexander and actor Don Cheadle. “George Costanza” is an avid poker player. He was even in the WSOP main event in 2007 but was eliminated the second day.There are a number of celebrities who have made a fortune not just with their movies, but with poker.Tobey Maguire, best known for his role as Spiderman, has cashed in several poker tournaments. According to poker pro Phil Hellmuth, Maguire has won more than $10 million on Internet poker.And Ben Affleck was the first celebrity to win a major open poker tournament when he won the California State Poker Championship, picking up $356,400. He has even sought out a poker mentor in pro Annie Duke.It’s definitely not the money these celebrities and athletes are after. It must be the rush.

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